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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Flu

For the past 72 hours, I've been down with the plague. Our son Colton, who falls victim to seemingly every virus, lovingly coughed in my face no less than 20 times this past weekend....And with my immune system being shot following Squamish, his common cold mutated into my horrendous flu.
And the joyous thing about a large family....By the time that this circles around to each one of us, it will have mutated into something that I (and everyone else) can catch all over again!

My life right now....(and it's not terrible)
So's gone pretty well....I mean, up until I was resigned to being curled up in the fetal position. I've done a few longer runs; I even managed to run 17 miles on a workday last week. A few minor aches have been noted. The most concerning one has been my left knee which spontaneously began screaming during a recent trail adventure.


After the run (which turned into a slow hike), I could barely bend it without pain. Although, a few days of forced rest have seemed to clear that up but it's something that I'll have to be cautious about.

The rest of the year is fairly laid-back in terms of races....I don't have anything ominous or that I'm particularly intimidated by. Optimally, I'd like to see a marathon PR but....ultras have destroyed my speed. So, I'm all about the FUN....But that doesn't mean there is any rest for the wicked....


I am officially in training for my first 100 miler!