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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Finding Balance

Relatively speaking, I haven't been running much....a dirty admission for someone in the heart of 100 mile training. Friends in a similar training boat are throwing down impressive miles but I'm focusing on becoming balanced. Over the last year, I've battled the high mileage trap.... Most runners fixate on miles, miles, miles....and that's all fine and dandy.... but it can really burn you out. Not to mention, you're more likely to become injured and it's not all that helpful performance-wise.

In the last post, I mentioned that I had begun going to hot yoga (Bikram).... I am now going quite often - sometimes up to four times a week. It has radically transformed my running. After a few sessions, I began to notice a huge difference in what I call my sustainable pace; the trend has continued to the point of astonishment. A couple weeks ago, I ran six miles on lunch and was disappointed that I averaged 8:50 min / mile....I want to slap my own damn self. I'm also feeling more....bouncy? I have more pep to my step. I've also been making it a point to get on the bike trainer as much as possible....even if just thirty quick minutes after work while watching the tube. Optimally, I'd like to spend ten hours a week cross training....I'm averaging between 6-7 right now....I'm just slowing building up so that I can reach a sustainable balance. Unfortunately, I'm not farting out time over here.....I really have to figure out how I can train adequately and still you know, be a mediocre employee and ensure that my children don't starve.

Now just because I haven't been running MUCH does not mean I haven't been running AT ALL. I'm hovering comfortably in the mid-50 weekly range.....About four days a week, I run doubles which I still assert is the best way to build up mileage and endurance for an ultra.

We're now in the heart of winter over here and my little heart could explode. It's been snowing for about a week straight....and sticking!!!! Each morning, I've been waking up to glorious fresh pow pow....I'll rush out the door just so that I can prance around in it prior to plowing / shoveling. The only downside to snow running is that it's exhausting....each step is WORK. I swear that I'm feeling new muscles emerging after each run.