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It all started with a quick pedal around the block - I could barely make it a mile. Every day, I got on that bike and would pedal just a little further.... Soon, I was taking 18 mile rides to relax in between classes. I noticed that I was no longer plagued with crippling anxiety. I began eating to perform - ditching processed foods and the soda addiction. I was never what anyone would refer to as an "active person". However, I began regularly going to our campus recreation center in order to cross train just to become a better cyclist. My passion consumed me. In 2013, I spent ten weeks in Kansas completing research. Being away from my family left me with an abundance of time to drink beer and pedal, which was glorious (at first).

Kansas 2013

When I came home from Kansas, I was seeking a new challenge....something that would push my physical limitations (I'm a glutton for punishment). I told my husband that I wanted to give running a shot. He gave me "the look"....the one that you might give someone who just told you a secret that should never be spilled (like that you murdered their pet or ate their pint of ice cream - which for me are the same level of heinous).One thing you should know...I hated running and that is probably an extreme underexaggeration. Up until this point, I had probably never ran a mile more than once or twice. Even in high school, I would rebelliously walk the mile during PE. Also, I am extremely clumsy. Tripping over my own feet is a daily occurrence. I sought some advice from runner friends and was told that I should download the Couch to 5k app. I'll never forget the first morning I laced up. I detest morning with a fiery passion but I jumped out of bed right after sunrise. I don't remember the distance that I covered doing the whole run / walk thing; I would guess around 2 miles. Running sucked, but in a good way....yes, I said a good way. I was hooked instantly. I felt energized, like I had with that first pedal around the block. The endurance foundation that I established through cycling helped me make greater strides than the average beginner (in my uneducated opinion). I was running six miles in just over a month. I told myself that I would be satisfied with running the occasional 3 miles. But who was I kidding?

First Half 05/25

First Full 09/27

On a personal level....I am happily married to my bearded best friend who supports me unconditionally.

We have three sons that we lovingly refer to as the hooligans.

We also have three dogs - two basset hounds and one border collie mix. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and feel blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest. After six years of intense schooling, I'm just living in the now - enjoying each day without freaking out about what the future holds. I am an environmental sociologist and would like to land in the nonprofit sector. I LOVE to eat...I cannot express that enough. I plan vacations around where and what I am going to eat. And no...I'm not a woman who claims they love to eat and then will order a salad at a restaurant (well...unless that salad is disproportionately topped with delicious goodies and served alongside a massive sandwich).

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