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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sun Mountain 50 (Countdown)

This post is a disaster....please stick with me....I started writing this BEFORE the Sun Mountain 50.
This is part one of a rather long recap....


I'm a ball of nervous, frantic energy.....In 48 hours, I will be almost six hours into the Sun Mountain 50 miler. I'm hoping that I'll be hitting the 50k mark and still in relatively decent spirits.

I'm learning that A LOT of preparation goes into a race this long.

This is the first race that I've ever been remotely concerned about making the aid station cut-off times. I've poured over the elevation map in order to estimate timeframes in which I'll roll into the stations. Pacing is going to be REALLY hard....I have to be really conscious of sticking to a sustainable pace while simultaneously ensuring that I'm not having to sprint in order to make the cut-off. Sprinting (for me) is the discomfort equivalent of being repeatedly kicked in your girl parts. The bearded partner expects to touch bases along the course in order to provide moral support (SMOOCHIES). Yes, I have a goal for the finishing time of this race but I NEVER share until after the race.

Sun Mountain 50 Elevation Map (Provided by Rainshadow Running)

I've never prepared a drop bag before. I'll admit that I consulted my friend Google for advice. I'll have drop bags at the final three aid stations. I'm not 100% sure that I will need them. The aid stations WILL have Coke (favorite ultra fuel). Up until this point, I have been able to rely upon Tailwind with occasional sips of Coke. However, I know that I've had a problem taking in enough calories. I want to make sure that I have treats that I love....Maybe this will encourage adequate fueling.

Drop Bags will include:

Swedish Fish
Strawberry Yogurt-Covered Pretzels
Peach Rings
Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Cookies
Red Bull (8oz can)
Pepto Bismol Tablets

I plan on having a change of shoes placed in the drop bag at mile 36. Again, I'm not sure that I'll want to take the time and change shoes.....I'm afraid that once I sit down, I won't want to keep going.... But it might feel REALLY nice to put on a fresh pair of kicks.

In order to relieve nerves AND indulge in some needed carbs after a long day of stressing at the office, Jeff and I took a leisurely stroll downtown with our pups.....

My favorite running AND drinking partner 

Per usual, I did a shakeout run the morning prior to beginning our road adventure (3.5 miles)...I was super stoked that I felt fresher than I had in a LONG time - two weeks of light running does wonder to repair the aches and pains that have been plaguing you. 

We arrived in Winthrop around 3 PM.....Winthrop is a Western-themed town tucked away in rural Washington. After checking into the hotel, we drove to the trail head where the race would start. Yet again, I am SO glad that we scoped the situation out ahead of time. The race e-mail warned that mosquitoes were out....but nothing could prepare us for what exactly that meant. They were out in thick swarms. In general, I avoid spraying myself down with chemicals. I'd rather take the risks that come from a few mosquito bites BUT....10+ hours in a mosquito-laden environment? That requires some sort of protection. 

I was quite surprised that Winthrop didn't seem exactly dog-friendly. While walking Yoshimi downtown, an abundant amount of glares / grimaces were aimed in our direction....How can one not love that dog pictured above? We ended up ordering some takeout from a Mexican restaurant and calling it an early night.

Before I knew it, the alarm was screaming at me.......... 

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