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Monday, November 2, 2015

Trail of Terror

I feel like I'm finally reaping the rewards from with months upon months of hard work. Things are just clicking. I'm waiting for the ball to drop (damn pessimism). Last week, I ran 77 miles....that's my second highest mileage that did not include a race. Generally, I have a run ratio of 80 percent suck, 20 percent glorious...Last week that was reversed....And man, it was incredible.

My week ended with my FIRST 5k....My son and I ran it together....Well, for the first mile. I told him prior to the start that if he felt that he wanted to run faster than me, he should. I had put ten miles on the legs that morning and I was running with a notoriously distracted canine so... I still thought that I might accidentally push HIM too hard....HAHAHAH....

Almost from the beginning, he was eager to get in the front. In heavy wind, sideways rain....he remained undeterred....he chugged up hills, he passed the other young hooligans....even after missing the 5k turnaround (extending our 5k into a 4 mile adventure).... he WON his age group and placed within the top ten OVERALL. Of course, I'm proud but I'm more impressed than anything. Dominic came in so fast that Jeff wasn't even prepared with the camera.

Typical elusive teen

Proof that Yoshimi is the most photogenic one in our family


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