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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Season Opener

My season opener is this weekend.... Orcas Island 50k!

This promises to be one burly beast of a race. One major climb alone boasts over 2000' of torture occurring over two vertical miles. And takes place after you've got 20+ miles on the legs. Initially, I was super stoked for this adventure....but now.... I'm REALLY nervous. I was sidelined for almost a month with a severe upper respiratory infection. During a time where I should have been in peak training (for this race), the only thing I was running was a fever. I'm just now beginning to feel normal. I haven't ran anything notable since October. A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to run a primer 50k.... but yeah, when you can barely bang out three miles....My current level of fitness has left me with one goal for finish!
Last week was a rather tame training week.... 48 miles, 2.5 hours of yoga, 1 hour on the bike... I'm not doing a drastic taper for Orcas BUT I want to arrive relatively fresh with no lingering aches / pains. The highlight of the week was a snowy hike with my bearded better half.

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