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Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting There

Last week went awesome in terms of training. My confidence (which has been on the shaky side) has been restored. I've been having to get creative in order to build mileage without spending hours running in the dark OR sacrificing too much precious sleep....the answer has been DOUBLES! Several months ago, I started implementing them into my routine. There's conflicting research about the benefits of doubles. Based on my experience, I would recommend them for ALL runners. I have seen a drastic improvement in recovery time....and who doesn't want to recover faster? Like me, you can also use doubles in order to break up large chunks of mileage on busier days. There have been days where I want to get in 14 miles but that distance is not feasible in one workout (due often to time constraints related to work hours). Therefore, I will run an indirect route to work and then run again on lunch. I want to add that doubles should never replace your "long run".  That long run allows for certain unique physical adaptations. 

Last week, I ran four consecutive doubles - a record for me. Here's the breakdown....

Sunday - Planned: 13 Actual: Rest (I was having ankle pain)
Monday - Planned: 5 Actual: 12.24 (6.01 / 6.23)
Tuesday - Planned: 7 Actual: 9.23 (3.66 / 5.57)
Wednesday - Planned: 7 Actual: 7.50 (5.26 / 2.24)
Thursday - Planned: 10 Actual: 9.81 (6.27 / 3.54)
Friday- Planned: Rest Actual: 6.05
Saturday- Planned: 20 Actual: 19.25

Total: 64.08

I've hit 200 miles for the month - highest that I've ever been! I have 50 more miles to reach my goal.

I'm getting there....


  1. Wow I never thought about doing doubles unless I'm splitting a LR. For my mid week runs I normally run based on time not distance, but I guess if I need to break it up because of work conflicts that's a good plan. You run every day though (I only run 3 times a week) are you concerned about getting hurt? All my coaches have said don't run more than 3 times a week and use the other days to cross train...

    1. I am always concerned about being injured. Injuries strike fear in the hearts of all runners regardless of mileage. I don't believe in one magical formula that suits everyone. For me...this appears to be working. Finding what will work for you might take time. The races that I'm training for require that I become comfortable with spending A LOT of time on my feet. My plan will peak at 100 MPW; this cannot be accomplished on just a few days a week! Cross training occurs on low mileage days. And I've become a lot better at listening to my body when it comes to injury prevention. If I feel more tired than usual or have something that could be a potential injury, I have no problem taking an extra rest day (or two...or three...)