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Monday, November 10, 2014

Heavy Legs

This week beat me up good. Because I have been racing almost every weekend for the past month, I haven't really been putting a lot of mileage on my legs (outside of the actual events). It's been a cycle of racing and tapering. I ALMOST hit my goal of 60 miles this week (less than 2 miles short). I'm not disappointed, though...I knew that building back up would be challenging. Here's how it went....

Sunday Planned: 7  Actual: 7.67
Monday Planned: 7 Actual: 6.68
Tuesday Planned: 9 Actual: 9.29
Wednesday Planned 5 Actual 8.04
Thursday Planned: Doubles (At least 10 miles) Actual: REST
Friday Planned: REST Actual: 11.38
Saturday Planned: 15 Actual 15.55

Total: 58.56

I'm becoming much better at toughing out harder runs. I'm determined to build up to 40 miles in this training cycle. I know that won't happen unless I'm disciplined. Also....I'm quite aware that running 50 miles is going to be the most difficult physical and mental challenge that I've ever tackled. I never pick "easy" races. My first 50 miler has over 7000' elevation gain AND the weather has contributed to a high DNF rate (think 40 mph winds in 30 degree weather with no foliage shield). I have to continue the process of learning to dig deep when I want to give up.

Aside from running, I had an uneventful weekend. Saturday looked like this...

This week, I'm hoping to bump up to 65 miles. Tomorrow, I am overjoyed because I have the day off work. I'm fortunate to work in an office that will close anytime the bank and/or post office is closed. The day off work is awesome enough but the fact that the kids have school....well, that is just freaking amazing. Working parents understand what a luxury this is. Of course, I started thinking of running routes immediately. 

Happy Monday! 

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